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Thursday, September 16, 2010 - 1:33pm

Atlanta Man Wages Google War Against Deal

A Google search for “Nathan Deal ethics” turns up hundreds of pages on a recent probe into the candidate by the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Those are the pages Seth Persily wants people to see.

"We hope when it’s all said and done that we’re gonna get a whole bunch of people who otherwise were planning on supporting Nathan Deal to stop and think 'Is this a man that we really want to vote for,” Persily said.

The Atlanta man is the head of an online marketing company specializing in making sure certain websites come up first in internet searches.

Persily is also against Nathan Deal and has used his skills to ensure that when someone type’s in the candidate’s name Google immediately adds the word "ethics" calling up all those unflattering results.

He says the new “Google Instant” feature, which shows search results before you even hit enter, makes what he’s doing even more effective.

Persily estimates the work he and his firm has done would have cost upwards of $20 thousand.

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