Wed., September 15, 2010 1:09pm (EDT)

Sunken Boat Costs Coastal City
By Courtney Ward
Updated: 4 years ago

Brunswick shrimp boats
Brunswick shrimp boats
The city of Brunswick is paying $67,000 to remove a sunken shrimp boat from its dock. The boat owners cannot afford the cost of removal and are leaving it completely to the city. This is just one of 33 boats in Glynn county waters that are waiting to be cleaned up. A total of 130 boats are submerged off Georgia’s costs.

The process of removing and cleaning up a sunken boat ranges from $42,000 to $70,000.

Bryan Thompson, Mayor of Brunswick, says that the city is in a severe financial crunch but it was able to find the funds. With this particular dock being city owned, he says the state is not obligated to contribute to the cost of removal.