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Thursday, September 9, 2010 - 9:45am

State School Board Adopts Local Rules

The State Board of Education Thursday adopted the nation’s first standards and ethics policies for local school boards.

The Local School Board Governance Standards and Model Ethics Policy is a result of Senate Bill 84 passed earlier this year.

It allows the state more control over school boards, including giving the Governor the right to remove school board members if accreditation is at risk.

Two Georgia counties –- Clayton and Warren -– have faced accreditation loss in recent years due to dysfunctional school boards.

Among the items outlined in the Local School Board Governance rule are eligibility for office, codes of ethics, new employment eligibility requirement for superintendents, and revision to training standards for local boards of education.

The SBOE is scheduled to vote on the Local School Board Governance rule at their October meeting.

Click here to see the Local Board Governance Standards.

Click here to see the Model Code of Ethics.

Click here to see the Conflicts of Interest.

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