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Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 9:06am

State's High Court OK's Hall Co. Hospital Plan

Updated: 7 years ago.
Georgia's Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a plan by Northeast Georgia Medical Center for a new Braselton facility. (photo courtesy Apox apox)'

The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Northeast Georgia Medical Center's plan to build a hospital in south Hall County.

The court gave its approval on Tuesday for the facility planned for Braselton.

The Georgia Department of Community Health approved the plan in 2007. Barrow Regional Medical Center appealed the approval twice before the Barrow County Superior Court ruled in its favor. The Barrow center argued the new hospital's location would jeopardize its facility.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center officials say they'll have to consider economic conditions and other factors before they proceed.

An attorney representing the Barrow center says officials there are disappointed but that the growth of their facility gives them confidence in the future.