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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 3:18am

Power Plant Gets New Waste Pond

Georgia Power is building a large waste pond at Plant Scherer in Middle Georgia, right next to a coal ash pond.

The lined pond will hold gypsum waste. It’s a by-product that will be created when new scrubbers go online at the end of the year. The scrubbers are meant to remove sulfur dioxide that comes from burning coal to create electricity.

Georgia Powers Jeff Wilson says its part of 2-billion dollars in environmental upgrades planned for Plant Scherer.

“The storage area itself is located on the plant site. It’s actually about 350 acres of land that was initially part of the Rum Creek Wildlife Management Area.”

More than 3-thousand acres of wildlife area remains and is open for public use. Wilson says while they are able to remove mercury, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide from their emissions there is still no way to control Co2. Plant Scherer emits more carbon than any other power plant in the United States.