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Friday, September 3, 2010 - 3:40am

Kids Fitness Program Beats State Mandate

A year from now a new state law goes into effect that will require kids in public school to take a fitness test.
But, some school systems are getting a jump start on implementing the new requirements.

House Bill 229 will require all kids to get a fitness assessment. The results will be reported to their parents and sent to the state. Five counties, including Bibb County in Macon are part of a pilot program that starts testing this year.

Christy Kay with HealthMPowers (health empowers) is overseeing Bibb’s programs. She says Georgia has the nation’s second highest childhood obesity rate barely behind Mississippi.

“Right now we’ve got kids that are suffering from diabetes. We have kids that have risk factors for heart disease under the age of five which has just been unheard of.” (:10)

Some Bibb County schools with the highest poverty rates are going further. Using grant money they are undertaking a three year program that includes participation from families and teachers as well as new fitness equipment and lessons about healthy food.

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