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Friday, September 3, 2010 - 4:14am

Deal Releases Tax Returns

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal has released his personal tax returns, but it was not enough for his opponent Democrat Roy Barnes. Barnes' campaign wants to see tax returns from a salvage business Deal owns that has been the focus of a congressional ethics probe.

Nathan Deal published 29 years of income tax returns on his website. His spokesman Brian Robinson says it includes all necessary information.

"Nathan Deals tax forms along with his disclosure reports show everything voters in Georgia need to know about Nathan Deals finance, his investments, and his ownership in small businesses," Robinson says.

But the Barnes campaign wants more. It charges that Deal is hiding his income from his business which has been part of a congressional ethics inquiry. Deal says he did nothing wrong and his campaign wants Barnes to disclose how much money the attorney made from cases before judges he appointed when Governor.

Barnes responded to the Deal charge that he knows of only one judge he tried in front off that he appointed. In that case, Barnes says the opposing counsel did not object.