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Monday, August 30, 2010 - 2:08pm

Barnes and Deal Spar Over Tax Returns

Gubernatorial Candidate Roy Barnes is using ads to push his opponent Nathan Deal to release income tax returns.

The Ad by the Barnes campaign released last week shows a picture of Nathan Deal is a dark room with filing cabinets. A male voice says quietly: “Shh Congressman Deal is hiding something. We think it’s in his income tax records, but they’re locked up tight.”

The ad assumes that Deal is stalling on releasing his income tax returns. His spokesman Brian Robinson says that’s not the case. Deal, he says, just filed for an extension and will release his returns in due time.

“We’re not going to let Roy Barnes determine the timetable for how that is done. Roy Barnes can run his campaign and Nathan Deal is going to run his campaign.

The Barnes Campaign says it is eager to see the returns, because it is looking for a connection between Deal’s business and a congressional ethics probe. Deal says he has done nothing wrong.

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