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Wednesday, August 25, 2010 - 5:09am

GPB Expands High School Sports Coverage

GPB is expanding its coverage of high school sports.

GPB’s statewide television network is premiering a new weekly sports show called “GPB Sports Central” (formerly known as Prep Sports Plus). It premieres Wednesday and features breaking sports news and features from around the state.

“We will shine a a spotlight on schools on and off the field,” says GPB President and Executive Director Teya Ryan.

In addition to the on-air presence, GPB is features more sports coverage on-line at

GPB New Media will present live chats with high school coaches, and fans as well as the football “Game of the Week” on-line.

The website archives games and features web pages for 400 Georgia high schools. They will include rankings, sports blogs and live chats.

“High school sports brings communities together, Ryan says, “and that’s what we do at GPB, connect people to the stories that are worth sharing.”

GPB has been broadcasting the football, cheerleading and basketball state championships for more than a decade. The network received record ratings during last year’s High School Football Championship broadcasts.