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Friday, August 20, 2010 - 10:31am

Short School Week Threatens Grads

The Department of Education had to intervene this week after more than 1,000 Peach County students came up short on the hours they needed to graduate.

That’s because many students didn’t attend two extra classes added to the shortened week.

The state’s Board of Education voted to extend Peach County a waiver of the minimum hours so students would be able to get their diplomas.

DOE spokesperson Matt Cardoza says many students thought the extra classes were optional.

"What ever the details were that actually went into the misunderstanding, our board said we understand that and don’t want to penalize these 1,100 plus students and deny them their diploma but let’s not let it happen again," said Cardoza.

Last year a tough economy prompted the DOE to let school systems adjust the 180 day school year as long students were in class for an equal number of hours.

What that equivalent is, Cardoza says, is something that needs to be better clarified to school systems.