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Friday, August 20, 2010 - 11:15am

Macon Jobs Saved And Created

State economic leaders joined with Macon officials to make an announcement about jobs saved and jobs created. Diaper plant to stay and expand in Middle Georgia.

A few years back Governor Perdue might not have been at this event. In a room packed with local and state economic development officials he announced that more than 200 existing jobs were staying and more than 150 would be created in Macon.

Macon Chamber of Commerce President Chip Cherry says they’ve been working for months to get diaper maker First Quality Baby products to not relocate. Cherry says they had to offer the company grants and tax incentives to stay.

“You’ve got to be competitive with those other communities that in some cases are giving away sites and some places are abating all the taxes and you’ve got to get it back to some semblance of even so that the company has a, the ability to compete in the marketplace.”

Cherry says these days’ incentives are a part of the game. The project includes 200-million dollars in new construction and equipment.

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