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Monday, August 16, 2010 - 11:49am

Savannah Economic Project Under Wraps

Savannah officials are keeping mum on a possible new economic development project.

It's being called "Project X" and officials aren't answering questions about it.

Several say, they themselves, have no idea what it could be.

As a matter public record, the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport Commission has voted to study traffic and reposition a new runway for a vaguely worded "potential new development."

Site selection specialist Ed McCallum says, companies typically demand confidentiality agreements to protect themselves from competitors.

"That's pretty common, actually, with any type of a site selection project," McCallum says. "Sometimes it's just investigations, just doing due diligence, just looking at the possibility."

McCallum says, his firm has no connection to "Project X."

If anything comes of it, the project would go into an area that's growing jobs with new manufacturing and support facilities in the power generation and aerospace industries.