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Friday, August 13, 2010 - 11:22am

Funding Woes Stall Fall Line Freeway

Officials with the Department of Transportation say 83 percent of the freeway is open or under construction.

The remaining section, which includes a 30 mile stretch between Milledgeville and Sandersville, hasn’t yet been built.

But as state funds for construction projects continue to dwindle, the DOT is having a hard time finding the roughly $160 million needed to finish the road.

DOT spokesperson Matthew Fowler says some of the money might come from a one percent sales tax proposed by the state legislature.

"If that were to pass, the soonest those funds would be coming in would be around 2013 and so you’d be looking at a two to three year construction period from that point forward," Fowler said.

Once complete, the Fall Line Freeway will be a 213 mile corridor between Columbus and Augusta.