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Thursday, August 12, 2010 - 10:28am

State May Close "No Kill" Animal Shelter In Macon

One of Middle Georgia’s only no-kill animal shelters could close after failing an inspection.

State Department of Agriculture officials say the “All About Animals” shelter in Macon is too crowded and it’s building needs repairs. A recent failed inspection means the shelter will have to move or close by October.

Shelter volunteer Morgan Marsh says recently they’ve been overwhelmed with animals people can’t afford to take care of. A week before the inspection someone anonymously dropped off 17 cats.

“The kittens were newborn. They were just a couple of weeks old and they were all suffering from upper respiratory problems and eye infections and that’s exactly the kind of situation that’s making us struggle, especially financially.”

Volunteers are trying to find homes for 75 dogs and nearly 40 cats. State officials say there are nearly 600 registered animal shelters in Georgia. Only a small number have no-kill policies.