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Thursday, August 12, 2010 - 11:39am

No Ruling Yet On Religious Suit

ASU professors say they asked Jennifer Keeton to complete sensitivity training and read assignments on gay issues or be removed from the school’s counseling program.

That’s after they say she expressed unwillingness to counsel gay students in class discussions and written assignments.

After Wednesday’s preliminary hearing, Judge J. Randall Hall said he needed more time to decide whether forcing Keeton to complete the remediation plan violated her civil rights.

A ruling, expected later this week, will decide if the plan can be enforced but won’t mean the end of the case against ASU.

Keeton is being represented by The Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative law group specializing in Christian legal issues.

Last month a federal judge ruled against the ADF in a similar case involving a counseling student at Eastern Michigan University who was expelled after refusing to counsel gay students.

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