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Monday, August 9, 2010 - 3:31am

GOP Candidates for Governor, Atty General Spar

The candidates for the Republican Gubernatorial runoff debated for the last time yesterday.  Nathan Deal and Karen Handel continued the tough rhetoric that characterized the runoff.

During the debate sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club, Nathan Deal and Karen Handel gave their views on toll roads and zero-based budgeting. They also defended their management experiences.

In regards to the Hope scholarship, which is facing future reductions, Karen Handel said she has personal reasons to make sure it will remain in place.



"And it is precisely because I don't have that college degree that I am going to be the strongest champion of HOPE that we've seen in a long long time, because I know how important this program is. And I want to make sure that every young person who wants to go to college is going to have the opportunity to do so."



Nathan Deal defended a business he had that benefited from a state program.


"It was a program that the State of Georgia put in place, requested people like my business to participate in to insure the saftey of the driving public in Georgia. Unfortunately, we now are having over 15,000 cars every year put back on our roads without a safety inspection."


Polls out over the weekend show that the race between Handel and Deal is narrowing. Mike Huckabee campaigned for Deal over the weekend, Sarah Palin will come today to stump for Karen Handel.



Also last night the Republican candidates for the nomination of Attorney General faced-off in a debate on GPB. It was full of bitter accusations.

Former State Senator Preston Smith accused former Cobb County Chairman Sam Olens of focusing on personal attacks rather than on the issues.




"I’ve done it every single year and for you to sling mud like this at me is really despicable and you really ought to stop and respect the voters enough to talk about the issues…"




Both candidates did agree on one thing in the debate. They will each endorse the winner in tomorrow's runoff. They vowed to make sure a Republican will become Georgia's next Attorney General.



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