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Tuesday, August 3, 2010 - 11:39am

Early Voting For Run-off Underway

Early voting is underway for the primary run-off elections.

Most counties opened early voting Monday. The majority of runoff races are for Republican contests, including the governor’s race.

Interim Secretary of State Brian Kemp hopes that will get more people to the polls, and reminds voters they’re not allowed to switch parties in the runoff.

"Whatever you do on the primary day, you have to do on the runoff. So if you voted democrat on the primary, you have to vote democrat in the runoff."

But Kemp says people who didn’t vote in the primary at all are now free to vote either ticket.

Early voting continues through Friday. Tuesday is run-off election day. Some other high ticket contests include the democratic secretary of state race, and the republican races for attorney general and insurance commissioner.

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