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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 - 7:10pm

Handel Waiting for Final Results

Karen Handel has been leading in the GOP race for governor all night. The Associated Press has projected she’ll be in the runoff.

In a room full of energetic supporters at her headquarters in Atlanta, former secretary of state Karen Handel says she doesn’t think she’s clenched the runoff race yet, but she’s happy and humbled by the results so far.

"Everything is looking good... it’s too early to declare anything. Still looking for the final numbers."

Handel says she’s indifferent about who she’d face in the August 10th contest.

"I’m ready for anyone. It doesn’t matter who. I always knew there would be a runoff and anyone of them could be there and I’m still going to win."

Handel called all her opponents career politicians.

She would be the first woman in the history of the state to make it to a gubernatorial runoff.

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