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Saturday, July 17, 2010 - 6:57am

GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Wouldn't Strike Sunday Sales

Four Republicans running for governor said they would allow local communities to decide whether they want to let alcohol be sold on Sundays.

In a debate Friday, John Oxendine, Nathan Deal, Eric Johnson and Ray McBerry each said the Sabbath should remain holy. But they also support local control and would not veto a Sunday sales bill if it passes the state legislature.

Georgia is one of just three states that bans the sale of alcohol in grocery stores on Sunday.

Outgoing Governor Sonny Perdue -- who doesn't drink -- has threatened to veto a Sunday sales bill.

A fifth GOP candidate -- state Senator Jeff Chapman – said he would veto it.

Republicans Karen Handel and Otis Putnam did not attend Friday's WSBTV debate set to air Saturday.

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