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Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 12:33pm

Few Voters In The Know

With a lot of races and candidates in next Tuesday’s party primaries voters need information. But fewer publications are giving them guidance.

Editorial boards at leading newspapers have cut back on endorsements. Some do them only for general elections, few will back candidates in primaries.

The state’s Llargest newspaper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, has completely stopped endorsing any candidates.

For Voters, that means more homework says University of Georgia political Scientist Charles Bullock.

“There’s nothing out there to give them a brief thumbnail sketch of the candidates, an unbiased thumbnail sketch they can look at and decide where they as voters fit in with this.”

Bullock says voters who cast their ballots with little information chose candidates based on name recognition or ballot placement

He says being the first name on a ballot is worth at least 5 point for the candidate.

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