Tue., July 13, 2010 2:24pm (EDT)

Controversial SPLOST Could Draw Voters
By JosephineBennett
Updated: 4 years ago

MACON, Ga  —  
Turnout is expected to be low in next Tuesday’s primary election. But in Macon a hotly contested SPLOST could drive more voters to the polls.

Bibb County leaders are pushing for a new special purpose local option sales tax while those in the City of Macon oppose it. The majority of the 180-million dollars would go to build a new Bibb County Court House.

The two governments are not consolidated but share some services. City leaders say they will not support the SPLOST until that split becomes more equitable.

Greg Domin is the Chair of Columbus State University’s Political Science Department. He says contentious races often increase voter turnout.

“There may be a sizable portion of the electorate who feel very passionate about it and want to voice their concerns, so they would be more inclined to participate as it may be affecting their pocketbooks.” (:12)

Domin says winners in all races will be determined by which side can get their supporters to show up.