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Tuesday, July 6, 2010 - 11:58am

Sen. Isakson Hopeful On Unemployment Funds

Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson says he is still hopeful senators can come to an agreement on extending benefits to the long term unemployed when they return to Washington next week.

Isakson traveled to Warner Robins and Augusta to visit military bases during a one week recess. Before he left Washington he voted against extending unemployment benefits.

He says he cannot support an extension paid for with new money. Instead he says he wants to use 34-billion dollars in unspent stimulus money. He also wants programs that create jobs by retraining employees.

“To continue to say well we’re going to pay everybody that’s out of work is going to continue to put pressure, upward pressure on increasing the debt and the deficit which ultimately is going to cause higher interest rates, higher rates of inflation, higher rates of unemployment like we saw when we had the misery index of the 1980’s.”

Isakson says those who voted against extending benefits have reached an agreement with the Majority Leader to bring forward legislation by 13th of July that extends benefits to 99 weeks.

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