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Thursday, July 1, 2010 - 11:46am

Prosecutor Wants Police Charged In Shooting Death

A state prosecutor in coastal Brunswick wants to charge two police officers with manslaughter after a fatal shooting and a bizarre slow-speed chase.

On June 18th, Glynn County police fired eight-shots into a car they'd been following for a half-hour at speeds of less than 35-miles-an-hour.

The driver inside, Caroline McGehee Small, died.

The officers, Corey Sasser and Todd Simpson, said, the car sped up dangerously, when it was close to them.

Chief Matt Doering says, the officers acted properly.

"I don't think that the elements of manslaughter have been met. I think it was reasonable what they did. It was consistent with the department policies. It was consistent with the law."

A prosecutor who reviewed video and other evidence, however, told Doering he plans to take charges of voluntary or involuntary manslaughter to a grand jury.

The charges carry 20 and 10 year prison sentences, respectively.

"I always believe that the grand jury is a proper place to take any officer's conduct, especially with the death of a person, for them to render a viewpoint," Doering says. "I just would like them to have all the facts, most importantly, from those officer's perspective and not a video cam."

State and local authorities continue to investigate the shooting.

Doering describes the charges as premature until the investigations conclude.