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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 - 10:16am

Red Light Cameras Lose Backing

Georgia has cut back on using red light cameras about 20 percent since a state law regulating their use caused their revenues to plummet.

Georgia Representative Republican Barry Loudermilk of Rome testified before a US House transportation subcommittee considering how states are using red light cameras.

He says after a Georgia law went into effect last year that added an additional second to the yellow light time, violations were cut in half.

"As a result many of the cities that had installed the cameras as a safety tool have removed those tools because they were no longer profitable," says Loudermilk.

State lawmakers passed the measure after concerns cities were using them more as revenue generators than safety enhancers.

The cameras have netted thousands of dollars for local governments, and millions for metro Atlanta which uses them the most.

Cities can fine motorists up to $70 for a violation.

Many cities have removed their cameras because they now cost more to maintain then how much they collect.