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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - 11:51am

Report: More Jobs Will Require College

A Georgetown University study by the Center on Education and the Workforce found that there is a stronger need for college education as job requirements increase. On Tuesday, researchers released their national analysis of jobs and degrees needed to fill them. Georgia is ranked 36th in post secondary education intensity for 2018. That means fifty-eight percent of jobs in Georgia will require post secondary education in 2018. Nationwide, sixty-three percent of jobs will require higher education experience. Researcher Anthony Carnevale says jobs in the South will continue to require less education. "The old south is distinctive in our data in that it is the region where we project job growth with the lowest requirement for post secondary job growth and training." But he says that doesn't mean Georgians should skip college. Georgia, along with half of the other states, exports workers with college degrees looking for better pay. According to the study, health care and education will bring the most job growth in Georgia and the nation by 2018.


Story contributions made by Susanna Capelouto.