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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - 12:31pm

Report: Georgia Sells Most Crime Guns

Guns bought in Georgia are showing up at crime scenes more than any other state. That’s according to an anti-gun group’s report. It blames Georgia’s weak gun laws.

Daniel Vice is with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence which issued the report. He says Georgia is a top destination for traffickers because guns are so easy to get here.

“In Georgia you can buy guns without background checks from private sellers at gun shows. Just have a pile of cash, and you can get as many guns as you want, and you can stock up on guns. You can walk in a gun shop and say, ‘I want 30 of your cheapest junk guns.’”

Vice says other states have stricter gun laws which restrict bulk sales, and require more background checks.

Jerry Henry with says the Georgia law upholds an individual’s freedom to sell private property and the right to purchase guns.

“All this law that requires background checks for private sells does is . . . it’s one more roadblock in buying a gun for a law abiding citizen."

Henry says the study’s data is limited because it doesn’t track the complete gun trail and not all law enforcement agencies trace crime guns.

This is the second year in a row the group’s analysis of federal government data sourced more crime guns back to Georgia than to any other state.