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Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - 5:04am

Sign Or Veto Deadline For Bills

Governor Sonny Perdue is scheduled to return from Cuba today where he and a contingent of 40 people have been courting more business for Georgia. When he does, he will have dozens of bills to either sign or veto—today is the last day to do so.

Of the legislation to consider--controversial bills on guns.

One bill would allow licensed gun owners to carry into certain parts of Georgia airports, like curbside pick-up and non-federally secured areas.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently called the legislation “very worrisome”. And Georgia Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson introduced a measure last month to expand gun restrictions at U.S. airports.

But state Rep. Tim Bearden says it’s time for this bill to get passed. The Villa Rica Republican has pushed for relaxing gun restrictions for years.

“For those citizens who are law abiding and have done all the background checks and received their license from a judge—they shouldn’t be disarmed from their home just because they’re going to the airport and all the way back home. They should have the right…they do have the right to defend themselves.”

Another bill in front of Governor Perdue better clarifies public places licensed gun owners can carry in Georgia.

There’s also been pressure on the governor to sign two bills that would cut government spending. That includes legislation to require state agencies to fall under occasional review to figure if they are viable, or should merge with other agencies.

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