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Friday, June 4, 2010 - 10:58am

FBI Expands SRS Lab

The FBI has been working with the Savannah River lab since 2006, using the facility to do forensics on evidence that has been exposed to radiation. But officials say a recent expansion of the FBI area will allow them to do even more work without having to use their main facility.

The expansion includes a 6-fold increase in floor space and new equipment used to analyze fingerprints and fiber evidence.

Chris Hassell with the FBI’s Lab Division says the upgrades will make it easier to investigate terrorist attacks like a dirty bomb.

"We’d need to analyze that evidence but it could possibly be contaminated with radiological materials," said Hassell. "So with Savannah River National Laboratory having the expertise in handling radioactive materials and having the facilities to make that easier to do, partnering them was just the right way to handle this."

The SRNL is a Department of Energy facility used by researchers to study everything from the environmental impact of nuclear energy to homeland security.

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