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Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 3:52am

Court Hearing On SCLC Control

Testimony continues in a hearing to determine who

is in charge of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference as the

group is asking a judge to end months of bitter infighting.

Attorneys both claiming to represent the SCLC's true board of

directors began making their case in Fulton County Superior Court

Wednesday. Each side says its interpretation of the group's

constitution and bylaws is correct.

Confusion over who is in charge has paralyzed the group and

distracted it from social justice issues.

The hearing has exposed a group that does not always understand

or follow its own constitution and bylaws. Testimony raised

questions about how the SCLC went about calling official meetings,

making decisions about the organization, how funds were spent and

even the election of Bernice King as president.

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