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Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 5:37pm

Millions in Rebates for Energy Star Appliances Remain

Georgia still has millions of dollars in rebates to give out to people purchasing energy efficient appliances.

The $8 million program that gives Georgians rebates for buying new energy star products began about two months ago.

Four million dollars in rebate money remain. Officials say the first weekend was the busiest, but the demand has tapered since then.

Georgians can get up to $199 for buying an energy star water heater in the state… and $50 for a refrigerator.

On-line purchases don’t count.

The program is limited to one type of appliance per household, but a household can get rebates on several different kinds of appliances, up to $1200.

Those who want to take advantage must apply on line at or by calling (866) 296-1633.

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