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Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 2:50pm

Budget Limbo for Many Districts

Many school systems across the state are in budget limbo right now, waiting for tax digests to come in before the new fiscal year begins.

Program cuts or tax increases could be at stake depending on how much property tax officials expect to collect.

In Savannah's Chatham County, school officials have proposed a $15 million list of cuts, including 151 teachers and several programs that school board member Lori Brady says, she doesn't want to see removed.

School officials proposed slashing middle school athletics and fifth grade band while also raising taxes.

"Music and art and athletics are educating the whole child," Brady says.  "It rounds the child out as far as their educational process."

Board members say, they won't commit to any cuts or taxes before considering the digest.

Until then, all the programs and taxes are still up for grabs.

Chatham County's tax digest isn't expected until late May.

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