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Friday, May 7, 2010 - 11:44am

State Audit: College Fees Need More Oversight

As students see their college fees rise, a state audit finds the fees need more oversight.

State colleges and universities have been raising their fees to help cope with state budget cuts. A state audit shows an average fee increase of 12 percent last year.

Most of the fees were accounted for, but auditors say 8 fees were not approved by the Board of Regents, including a mandatory meal plan at Kennesaw State University for full time students.

It also found four fees weren’t going toward their originally approved purpose.

State Auditor Lesley Mcguire says the Board of Regents should have more control over fees.

"The Board of Regents have a broad and sometimes vague policy regarding the overall intended uses of student fees," says Mcguire," and as a result, they do leave a lot to the discretion of individual universities."

Mcguire says the current process doesn’t assure the fees are benefiting all students even though everyone is required to pay them.

Spokesperson for the Board of Regents John Millsaps says it will continue to address issues the audit raises.

"We’re committed to using this report to review and revise where we think necessary our internal controls at the next meeting."

The average student can pay up to $855 in fees per semester depending on the institution.

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