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Friday, May 7, 2010 - 10:52am

DOE Weighing Options For SRS Waste Disposal

More than 5,000 barrels of depleted uranium are ready to be shipped from SRS to a permanent disposal site.

But they have nowhere to go because a site in Utah has refused the shipment as the state revamps it's politics on Nuclear waste disposal.

The Department of Energy put the SRS shipments on hold while it tries to find temporary storage for the nuclear waste.

Tom Clements is with the environmental group Friends of the Earth.

He says the DOE rushed in loading up the waste in order to make the cutoff for spending stimulus money.

"They took a bunch of recovery act money and moved very quickly with trying to get this material off site and disposed of without having a proper plan in place and without fully informing the public what the material was," said Clements.

According to a DOE report no final decision has been made about where the waste will go.