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Thursday, April 29, 2010 - 3:27pm

Trauma Care Funding Approved

Lawmakers want to fund a statewide trauma care network through an annual $10 dollar charge on the tag fee.

Georgia voters would need to approve the idea in a constitutional amendment. The $10 dollars would be used to establish more trauma care centers especially in South Georgia. Representative Mickey Channell says the state needs more high level hospitals

“We have only 4 level one trauma centers and none south of Macon, none south of Macon. Not a good idea to have a car crash south of Macon," he says.

Representative Larry O’Neil from Perry says he hopes people will approve the fee just in case they may have an accident. Because he says $10 dollars boils down to .3 cents per day.

“Let them go to the ballot box and decide if they want to take out that insurance for .3 cents a day," O'Neil says.

The fee would raise about $80 million dollars dedicated to trauma centers. Lawmakers have tried for years to find a consistent funding stream for a statewide care network.

Georgia’s Super Speeder was passed last year with the intent of adding $23 million dollars to trauma care, but that money is not dedicated to trauma care.

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