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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - 12:14pm

Bills Let Licensed Owners Carry Guns in Airports

The House passed a Senate bill Tuesday to allow licensed owners to carry guns in airport drop off and pick up areas, and around baggage areas, but not in federally secured places,

The bill stems from a 2008 lawsuit between gun rights groups and Atlanta officials who banned weapons on airport property. The court ruled in favor of the city based on the law's language. Republican Representative Tim Bearden says the bill clarifies that language.

"So what Senator Shafer did with his bill that we passed with a 120 votes was a bill that laid it out in perfect language that the airports are on limits, so there would be no question whatsoever,'' says Bearden.

Another senate bill could go before the house Thursday to allow licensed owners to carry guns at airports and also around schools and in bars. The second guns bill would remove the 1,000 foot gun free safety buffer around k-12 schools and allow licensed owners to carry guns in bars so long as the owner says it's o.k.