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Thursday, April 15, 2010 - 12:58pm

Tax Day Tea Party Protestors Rally at State Capitol

Today is Tax Day and Tea Party protesters from across Georgia gathered at the state Capitol to speak out against what they call unchecked government spending. This gathering is just one of hundreds of Tea Party protests taking place in cities across the country.

Chris Matthews is a veteran protester who has attended five similar rallies throughout the southeast. He says too much spending is his reason for attending, but he doesn't place the blame entirely on the current administration.

"This started with George W. Bush," said Matthews. "He spent a lot of money when he should not have. He spent our money. It's time for change, and people are getting mad about it."

Julianne Thompson from Cobb County is the state director of the Georgia Tea Party Patriots, organizers of today's event.

"Our theme for today's tea party is 'We will remember in November', and so we'll be talking conservative politics, fiscal conservatism, limited government and free market. "

Organizers say they expect thousands of attendees at today's rally.

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