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Monday, April 12, 2010 - 9:35am

Vidalia Onion Season Late

One of the states best known crops is late this year, and farmers are blaming the weather.
Vidalia onion season will not officially start until the end of the month. The Georgia Department of Agriculture has strict standards in place and if the sweet onions are shipped early they might not taste as good.
This year’s crop was delayed by heavy rains during planting season followed by freezing temperatures. Wendy Brannen is with the Vidalia Onion Committee. She says there are not as many jumbo onions this year.
“We don’t expect there to be any difference as far as taste. We did get rain to the crop this year. It’s always good when we can get some water to the crop because that high water content in the bulb is part of what makes Vidalia’s so sweet.”
Brannen says 80 growers are certified to grow Vidalia onions. The crop brings in close to 140-million dollars a year.

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