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Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 1:09pm

Election Offices Offer Voter Registration Courses

Local election offices are preparing for upcoming elections by offering courses to people who want to hold voter registration drives. It’s a new law that went into effect this year.

The state saw a lot of independent groups registering voters in the last presidential election. To make sure they’re doing it properly, the Secretary of State’s Office now requires local offices give courses if they’re requested.

Gail Shrader who supervises elections in Athens-Clark county says independent groups dropped off big shopping bags full of registration cards in 2008, and though no major hiccups occurred, the training would have helped.

"When you have the numbers we have of course there are going to be some you have to follow up on. This process ensures that those that are out there conducting voter registration understand the process to get complete and accurate information," says Shrader.

The new law aims to protect voter privacy by requiring registration cards to be turned in within ten days of completion. It also restricts groups from making copies of them without permission.

A special election is set for May 11 when former congressman Nathan Deal’s seat in district 9 seat will be up for vote. It is too late to register to vote for that election, but people have until late June to register for the state-wide primary election this summer. For a complete list of elections, go here.

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