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Tuesday, April 6, 2010 - 9:46am

Pollen Levels Exploding

It’s pollen season in Georgia and if you think it’s worse than usual, you could be right.
In the last few days pollen counts have doubled in many parts of the state. For those with allergies it’s making life miserable, but for others it’s more of an annoyance as they try to keep their home and car clean.
Assistant State climatologist Pam Knox says a cold winter and cold start to spring delayed the onset of pollen by a couple weeks and recent warm temperatures made many trees and shrubs bloom one after the other.
“I think that what makes it bad this year is that everything’s happening at once so it’s sort of a compressed season. And so the total pollen counts are probably a bit higher right now just because we have all these different things happening at the same time.”
Knox says it’s been dry as well and that a good rain could bring levels down. However, as long as things are blooming the pollen is expected to continue.

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