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Friday, March 26, 2010 - 10:10pm

Winners And Losers On Day 30

Some bills were left on the table as state lawmakers in the House worked until midnight to pass as many bills as possible before the crucial 30 day deadline.

Among the winners are health insurance companies from out of state. The house passed a bill to allow the sale of health insurance across state lines.

Physicians who own surgical clinics were also successful in being exempt from the 1.45 percent hospital bed tax, which did pass the house.

Among the losers, a new Milton county and the city of Macon. A measure to create the new county wasn't considered, neither was a hotel tax for Macon to keep the Sports and Music Halls of fame open there.

House Speaker David Ralston says the clock simply ran out.

"We had Republican bills that didn't make it. We had Democratic bills that didn't make it. it's just the nature of the process and that's where we are."

Some of Governor Perdue's priorities were also left on the table.

His idea to have future Governors appoint some commissioners and the School Superintendent did not get a vote. And performance based teacher pay was not considered.

There are ten more days for bills to pass the other chamber in order to become law.

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