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Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 10:55am

Food Safety Conference Includes Farmers

Food safety experts from around the country are gathering in Tifton to meet with farmers and get their input on new rules proposed by the federal government.
In October the Food and Drug Administration is expected to make changes to the ways farmers grow, pick and package produce. The changes are designed to make food safer.
The non-profit Produce Safety Project is holding four public meetings around the country with farmers and agriculture officials to get their input on proposed changes. The project’s Jim O’Hara says regulators need to be flexible.
“Regional differences…To take into account differences in the size of farming operations. To take into account the different risks associated with different commodities.”
Georgia’s peanut and tomato farmers were hit hard by losses following salmonella outbreaks. O’Hara says farmers will have the chance to meet with and give input to FDA officials.

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