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Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 12:11pm

Cyclists Rally For "Three Foot Law"

Several hundred cyclists biked to the Capitol in downtown Atlanta today to support a measure they say would make roads more bike-friendly, the "three foot law." It’s a bill that would make drivers stay three feet away from bikers when they’re passing them on the roads.

Right now Georgia’s current law isn’t clear says Rebecca Serne with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

"All of the states surrounding Georgia with exception of Alabama have three feet safe passing laws. Georgia’s law just says they must give a safe passing distance. So it’s very unclear to drivers," says Serne.

She says 12 Georgians were hit by cars while on their bikes and died last year.

The average is 15.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety announced a three year grant of nearly half a million dollars to prevent cyclist and pedestrian fatalities.

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