Mon., March 22, 2010 2:19pm (EDT)

Marshall's Vote Will Not Hurt in Macon
By Josephine Bennett
Updated: 4 years ago

MACON, Ga.  —  
Congressman Jim Marshall (photo by Josephine Bennett)
Congressman Jim Marshall (photo by Josephine Bennett)
When Congress passed the health care bill Democratic Congressman Jim Marshall voted against it. But party leaders in Marshall’s hometown of Macon understand why.

Marshall’s 8th district is considered conservative. During the health care debate town hall meetings were well attended and the vast majority of those who showed up were against the bill.

Marshall voiced his opposition calling the plan too expensive. Steve Allen is the Chair of the Democratic Party in Bibb County. He says he’s heard grumbling, but not enough to make Democrats vote for someone else.

“When they go into the voting booth they’re still going to vote for Jim because he is the Democrat and he does represent a lot of Democratic values, but at the same time this may shield him from some of the harsher attacks that I expect the Republicans would be throwing against him.”

Allen says five Republican’s plan to run against Marshall in the fall. So far there is no Democratic challenger.