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Friday, March 19, 2010 - 10:07am

People Protest Gun Sales Near Schools

Restricting the sale of guns near schools is the aim of a bill introduced in the state senate. A dozen people rallied in support of it today outside an Atlanta pawnshop.

Carrying signs that read “No guns near schools” and “No pawn shops”, residents of the Booker T. Washington neighborhood in west Atlanta paced the street where the pawn shop is yet to open and sell weapons.

They say the area is rife with gang activity. Jarrell Pealer who has lived here 17 years says the last thing his community needs is more access to guns.

“We got a school just a block away . Kids going back and forth. With the gang violence, we’re afraid someone will attempt to break in and get the gun," says Pealer. "Then also we don’t want break-in’s in our homes.”

Senator Vincent Fort led the protest. He says his bill would help.

“It would allow cities to put restrictions on where gun dealers can locate," says Fort.

Since 2005, only the state can regulate the sale of guns.

Gun rights advocates say Fort’s bill would infringe on their second amendment rights.