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Friday, March 19, 2010 - 12:24pm

EPA Testing for Hazardous Waste at State Park

Federal investigators have finished testing for possible toxic chemicals at a state park in South Georgia, but the results of those tests could take weeks.
The Environmental Protection Agency spent two days at Reed Bingham State Park collecting water and soil samples. While they were there they also dug up two metal drums.
The investigation comes just a few days after state environmental officials conducted their own tests. Samples were collected from areas where endangered wildlife live. Ronnie Eakins is with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.
“The area that was being questioned is close to a bald eagle nest and the gopher tortoise really ranges throughout the whole park.”
In February state and federal environmental officials received a complaint alleging improper disposal of hazardous waste. Results of the testing could take up to a month.

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