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Friday, March 19, 2010 - 12:51pm

Barrow Will Vote No on Health Bill

Democratic Savannah Congressman John Barrow says, he will vote no on the health care reform bill moving through Congress.

Barrow voted against the measure when it came up the first time, but refused to say how he'd vote on the critical second vote this weekend until late Friday afternoon.

In a statement, the Congressman said, the health care bill puts too much burden on working people.

That should please Savannah voter Rome Parham, a self-described healthy 27-year-old who says, he shoudn't be forced into buying health insurance.

"If they make it mandatory, it's kind of like a win-win situation, but at the same time, a lose-lose also because some young people like me, we don't get sick," Parham says. "We don't need it."

However, other voters who spoke on Friday said, they would vote for a primary challenger if he voted no.

"If he can get this done, I think he would gain so much more respect from the people from Savannah," said Pat Gibson, of Savannah, before Barrow's announcement. "It would make me happier to see people get what they need becasue the way they have health insurance now, it's so astronomically high."

Barrow faces Regina Thomas in this year's primary and beat her with a sizeable 76% of the vote in the last primary.

Barrow is a conservative Blue Dog in a competitive East Georgia district.

His last general election victory was 66% against Republican John Stone.

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