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Thursday, March 18, 2010 - 12:28pm

Bishop's Constituents Disagree on Health Care

As Congress nears a possible health care vote two Georgia Congressmen, Sanford Bishop and John Barrow, are still in the undecided category. The margin is razor thin and the lobbying intense on both sides.
In Bishop's Second Congressional District the constituent's opinions are as diverse as the population.
In Byron 72-year old Marshall Scott sees plenty wrong with the Senate bill and he doesn’t want it. He’s called and emailed Bishop's office and he’s not alone.
“All my friends and associates at church and so forth, I’m an assistant Sunday school teacher at our church, most all the men in there, they’re against it.”
Scott says if Bishop votes yes he’ll work to get him out of office.
About 89-thousand people in the Second Congressional District Are uninsured.
Johnnie Zanders lives in Fort Valley and puts on community health fairs. She’s hoping for a yes vote from Bishop
“I think this would be a positive step because everybody seem to be included and I know there’s some issues that some people don’t want to be included, but sometimes it’s a trade off.”
Some Republican candidates are getting ready to challenge Bishop should he support President Obama’s health care bill.