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Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 11:51am

Anti Health Care Resolution Defeated In Senate

Today Georgia Democrats in the Senate defeated a Republican move to send a message to the Obama administration against healthcare.

Georgia is one of 38 states where Republicans are pushing a constitutional amendment that would allow the state to opt out of any federal health care mandate. Republican Senator Judson Hill says Republicans in the Georgia Senate want freedom of choice.

"We stand united at least within the Republican Caucus to say your health care and your health care freedoms of choice are critically important. "

But the amendment was defeated because Democrats voted against it and prevented the needed two-thirds majority. Senate Minority Leader Robert Brown says the amendment was only meant to poke the eye of the federal government and would end up in court. He says Democrats stuck together.

"It was a very clear message. Let's focus on the things that are important to the people of Georgia...and let's not get distracted by this frivolous kind of legislation. "

But Republicans aren't giving up. They're pushing a bill with similar implications. And that bill would only need a simple majority.

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