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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - 11:52am

Spa Billboards Decreasing

Macon’s massage parlors may have to look for other ways to get the word out as billboard company’s start turning down their ads.
If you’ve ever driven to Macon on the interstate you can’t miss the billboards. They feature beautiful women advertising spa services in Macon.
For the last year Lamar Advertising, which controls 2/3 of the billboards in Middle Georgia, has let contracts with these businesses run out. Chris Story with Lamar says his company is encouraging other businesses to do the same.
“Some communities I think would tolerate that type of ad copy, your bigger cities. If you have a small community like Macon it’s just not appropriate and I don’t feel the just…kinda…put that out there, and we got a lot of backlash in the community.”
Story says the anti-sex trafficking group MG-Alert recently purchased its own billboards to speak out on alleged human trafficking they believe is going on in these massage parlors.