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Friday, March 12, 2010 - 11:03am

Federal Education Grant Could Cause Job Losses

Federal education grants could mean more money for Georgia students but job losses for some educators.
Bibb County’s Acting School Superintendent Sylvia McGee says the state came to her recently and said they had up to 24-million dollars available for four of her under-performing high schools.
The catch ,taking the federal School Improvement Grant money could mean closing schools, opening charter schools, or at the very least getting rid of principals and some teachers.
“It’s more personal strings than it is systemic strings. So that does affect individuals and that makes it very, very personal and makes it very, very, difficult.”
State education officials say if Bibb County turns down the money they want to know why. 22 other districts in Georgia were asked to apply for the grants. The funding is not part of the Federal Race to the Top program.